domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Principais edifícios de Nova York

Nome: 53rd at Third
Data: 1983/1986
Arquiteto(s): Johnson/Burgee Architects
Estilo Arquitetônico: Pós-modernista
Altura: 138,08m
Número de Andares: 34

Nome: American International Building
Data: 1930/1032
Arquiteto(s): Clinton & Russell / Holton & George
Estilo Arquitetônico: Art Deco
Altura: 290,17m
Número de Andares: 66

Nome: CHrysler Building
Data: 1928/1930
Arquiteto(s): William Van Alen
Estilo Arquitetônico: Art Deco
Altura: 318,92m
Número de Andares: 77

Nome: Citigoup Center
Data: 1974/1977
Arquiteto(s): The Stubbins Associates
Estilo Arquitetônico: Modernista
Altura: 278,9m
Número de Andares: 59

Nome: Empire State Building
Data: 1930/1931
Arquiteto(s): Shreve, Lamb & Harmon Associates
Estilo Arquitetônico: Art Deco
Altura: 381m
Número de Andares: 102

Nome: Flatiron Building
Data: 1902
Arquiteto(s): D.H. Burnham & Company
Estilo Arquitetônico: Beaux-arts
Altura: 86,87m
Número de Andares: 21

Nome: Fundation Building
Data: 1853/1859
Arquiteto(s): Frederick A. Peterson
Estilo Arquitetônico: Neorromânico
Altura: 45,11m
Número de Andares: 7

Nome: GE Building
Data: 1931/1933
Arquiteto(s): The Associated Architects
Estilo Arquitetônico: Art Deco
Altura: 259,08m
Número de Andares: 69

Nome: Lever House
Data: 1950/1952
Arquiteto(s): Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP
Estilo Arquitetônico: Modernista
Altura: 93,57m
Número de Andares: 21

Nome: Manhattan Municipal Building
Data: 1909/1914
Arquiteto(s): McKim, Mead & White
Estilo Arquitetônico: Beaux-Arts
Altura: 176,79m
Número de Andares: 34

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terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012


image 41065
Downtown – early 1960s
image 41066
image 41067
Downtown from the harbour
image 41068
Downtown from Jerseyside
image 41069
image 41070
Downtown from the Hudson
image 41071
View east from Woolworth Bldg
image 41072
View west from Woolworth Bldg – RMS Queen Elizabeth heading out to sea
image 41073
Midtown and the ESB from Queens
image 41074
 from 5th Ave
image 41076
image 41077
ESB from 5th Ave near 42nd St
image 41078
image 41079
ESB from Bryant Park
image 41089
Herald Square looking north
image 41080
Mc Alpin Hotel at Herald Square
image 41081
image 41082
image 41075
ESB from Herald Square
image 41083
View south to downtown from ESB
image 41084
image 41085
View to northeast from ESB
image 41086
image 41087
View north to midtown from ESB
image 41088
View northeast from ESB
image 41090
Fifth Avenue near Rockefeller Center
image 41091
La Maison Francaise & British Empire Bldgs
image 41092
RCA Building from 5th Ave
image 41093
International Bldg
image 41094
Central Park from top of RCA Bldg
image 41095
View west from RCA Bldg – RMS Queen Elizabeth at dock
image 41096
Times Square from RCA Bldg
image 41097
image 41098
image 41099
image 41100
image 41101
Scenes from Times Square
image 41102
42nd Street from Times Square
image 41103
image 41104
United Nations Building

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NEW YORK - 1942

image 41021
New York City Lower East Side Flat bldgs. Clinton St.
image 41022
Residents of lower Clinton St near East river Saturday afternoon
image 41023
Lower East Side Corner Broome St. Baruch Pl. Saturday afternoon
image 41024
Stores near corner of Broome St. and Baruch Place, Lower East Side. New York City
image 41025
On New York’s lower East Side.
image 41026
Tower of Brooklyn Bridge from South St. Manhattan
image 41027
Looking up Fulton St. from South St. New York City.
image 41028
Above river side drive just north of George. Washington Bridge
image 41029
Lower Manhattan
image 41030
image 41031
Doorway – Lower East Side. Manhattan Sunday morning
image 41037
Old lady reads Sunday paper. Lower East Side N.Y.C.
image 41032
image 41033
Poverty, young and old, black and white.
image 41034
Crowd gathers during Salvage collection in lower East Side.
image 41035
Collecting the salvage on lower East Side.
image 41036
Sunday sees airing of bed rooms.
image 41038
West Canal St.
image 41039
A corner on west Canal St.
image 41040
New York Street Scene, Lower East Side
image 41041
These two live in a big new housing project. Big brother near the East River.
image 41042
Corner of Broome St. & Baruch Pl. Sunday
image 41043
N.W. corner DeLancey & Lewis Sts.
image 41044
Lewis St. North of Delancey
image 41045
These boys live here. Block north of Wmsbgh Bridg
image 41046
image 41047
image 41048
Hot sweet potatoes.
image 41049
A block between Avenues A and B.
image 41050
Lower First Avenue is spruce looking
image 41051
N.E. corner 1st St. and the Bowery
image 41052
S. E. corner 1st St. and the Bowery
image 41053
Italian bake shop Mid-Manhattan Below Canal St. 58 Mulberry St. New York
image 41054
Municipal towers in early morning
image 41055
Municipal Bldg. From Park Row
image 41056
Corner of Pearl St.
image 41057
Municipal Bldg. Tower thru 3rd Ave. L.
image 41058
View up Moss Ave.
image 41059
Street in New York’s Chinatown
image 41060
In N.Y.’s Chinatown
image 41061
Chinese store windows New York
image 41062
East 7th St between 3rd & 2nd
image 41063
East 7th St. between 3rd and 2nd Ave.

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